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Enter the mind of the writer, the observer, the quantum programmer of this reality. Pick up your baton and learn how to conduct the next line of code into the Matrix of reality as it manifests around you. Explore not only the crafting of the Cube but the Journey of Consciousness Awakening.

Eric gives instruction on the use of the most advanced technology on Earth [Your Cube]. By the end, you'll understand why the box only opens when everything is perfect.

FAQs covered:

  • Clearing and recharging your Cube
  • Can someone else touch my Cube?
  • How does the Cube personalize to me?
  • How does the Cube springboard my awareness?
  • The link between perception and Navigation
  • The role of a White Cell in this life...and how that fits into the bigger picture!
  • And Eric shows us what's in "The Wooden Box"

Metratron's Cube is a 3 part class, part one was recorded in Eric's home, part two and three were from a live webinar broadcast.

2015, Duration: 3 hours 39 minutes